Your business can fight ‘rant’ sites

When a person searches for your company on Google or any other search engine and sees a negative review from a ‘rant’ site, it can have significant repercussions to your online reputation. That’s because more people are likely to see something, and even click on it, when a page turns up on the first page […]

How to create Facebook ads that convert

It’s the holiday season, and that means people are more likely than ever to spend money. While people are out shopping in full force, many come home to warm up and inevitably end up surfing their favorite social media network: Facebook. So if you’ve been trying to get a piece of this action with little […]

How to diffuse negative online commentary

Between the smartphones, iPads and desktops we all use, more and more people are spending hours of their day on the Internet. And at one point or another, someone is likely to say something bad about your business online. Whether it is true or not, you need to know how to respond when it happens […]

How your boring brand can win on social media

You may think social media is designed for exciting brands like Google or MTV. And who could blame you, as these brands both have millions of followers. Because of this, you may think there’s no place for your boring brand on social media, right? Think again. Here is one brand that’s making some noise in […]

Memo to Clients about Windows 10

Memo to Clients about Windows 10:
On June 1st, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 will be released July 29th. How does this affect you? Here are a few thoughts to consider regarding deployment of Windows 10 in your environment.

Executive Summary:

Windows 10 is a free upgrade for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users for the next year
Microsoft is pushing out the Windows 10 upgrade notices as a Critical Windows Update.

Technical Bulletin – DNS Changer Virus

Technical Bulletin: DNS Changer Malware

The FBI has warned that millions could lose internet access on July 9th 2012 if their machines are infected with the DNS Changer Malware. More information is available at

Click on the following link to learn more information about DNS Changer Malware.