5 reasons why you need to backup your Office 365 data

Many businesses are moving to Microsoft Office 365 for their email.  And for  good reason.  Office 365 is highly reliable and offers many advantages over an in-house Exchange server, and it the way to go for most businesses.

Letting Microsoft take care of everything seems like a great idea... no more Exchange servers.  No more costly upgrades.  No more downtime.  Everything is rainbows and unicorns, right?

What about protecting your information?  You are probably asking - "doesn’t Microsoft back up my data?" -- Yes and No.

Wait!  What??  Microsoft handles keeping underlying server infrastructure up and running.  However, it is your responsibility to manage and protect your data.  Now, Microsoft does keep a copy of your deleted email for 30 days in a recycle bin.  So, you can restore a deleted email, for up to 30 days.   After that, it’s gone.

Other than that, Microsoft does not back up your data

Here are 5 reasons why backing up Office 365 is critical:

  1. Accidental deletion: If you delete an Office 365 user, whether you mean to or not, it removes the user’s mailbox and all the related email, contacts, calendar information, and the deletion is replicated across the Microsoft network. A backup allows you to restore individual emails or entire mailboxes back to a point in time.
  2. Office 365 retention policies are difficult to manage. A backup provides longer retention that is much easy to access when needed.  It can also be less expensive than Microsoft’s Archival services.
  3. Internal security threats: Internal threats from malicious employees make having a high-grade recovery solution in place to mitigate the risk of critical data being lost or destroyed.
  4. External security threats: Ransomware is targeting mailboxes to hold them hostage.  A good backup solution can easily restore entire mailboxes to an instant before the attack.
  5. Legal and compliance requirements: Ensure you can retrieve historical mailbox data to comply with legal action and to meet any regulatory compliance.

Microsoft does a good job and keeping email flowing.  But they only provide part of the solution.  It is your responsibility to protect your data.  This applies to ALL the cloud providers that you use.

If you are not 100% sure your Office 365 data is protected, we’d be happy to discuss your concerns -- free of charge.  Just email me or call and I'll be happy to help.